Tru Snap - Panel Sample

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Available in a variety of colors, rustic prints, and specialty finishes, our Tru Snap Panels give you true versatility for your next project.

Bridger Steel's Tru Snap metal panel systems are designed to be the perfect combination of exceptional performance with modern style. Created to be used as either a roofing or wall panel system, Tru Snap work well in residential and commercial environments. Tru Snap is one of Bridger Steel's most popular panel profiles because of the stunning and clean final look. Its ideal for tough weather environments because of its superior weather tightness. Tru Snap panels are available in three profiles, including 1", 1.5", and 1.75", so you can find the perfect profile for your project's specifications.

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**NOTE: These samples come with "Striations". These lineal bends are purposely added to the panel when ran to make it more rigid and protect from "Oil-canning", which is a moderate deformation or buckling of sheet material, particularly common with flat sheet metal surfaces or waviness in the flat areas of the metal. If you are interested in recieveing a flat panel sample, please contact us and we will be happy to accommodate you. 

Warranties are based on paint systems. Contact a Bridger Steel team member for warranty options.
Typically ships within 24 hours
1.56 LBS
Finished Coverage:
11.39" - 18"
Rib Height:
1", 1.5", or 1.75"
Panel Length:
3' to 100'+
1.75" Roof Slope:
1:12 or Greater with Mastic
1" or 1.5" Roof Slope:
3:12 or Greater