QuikGrip 14-10 x 2"

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QuikGrip 14-10 x 2"

QuikDrill™ fasteners deliver superior Marco value. They feature a higher crown for a tighter socket fit, a cupped head and HWH for improved pullover strength, an EPDM washer for a tight and sealed fit, plus a drill design that provides quick penetration and prevents point walking. In addition, our durable 1 mil mechanical or 8 micron electroplating delivers exceptional lubricity, wear resistance and excellent durability. These self-drilling screws are ideal for light-to-medium gauge metal-to-metal building applications. Our QuikDrill Metal2Metal drill points are designed to penetrate a wide variety of metal thicknesses. QuikDrill #2 and #3 points utilize a chisel flute that speeds up drilling time and eliminates point walking. The #10, #12 and #14 HWH are available with or without a bonded sealing washer.

1.40 LBS
100 Count Bag