1" Mastic Metal Butyl Tape - 45 ft. Roll

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Position metal panel over Mastix. When positioned, press panel down on Mastix and fasten in place with QuikDrill or QuikGrip fasteners.

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3/32" x 1" - 45 ft. Roll


Mastix™ is Marco’s versatile, trimmable end lap sealing tape that joins metal to metal, and seals around windows, doors, roof vents, stacks, access doors and other penetration points. The superior adhesive on Mastix keeps the product roll intact and prevents it from telescoping even on hot days. Apply Mastix to a hot metal roofing panel and it will stay put while you place the panel. No melting, oozing adhesive allowing panels to slide, making your installation harder. Plus, Mastix won’t stain or lose its flexibility. 

Flexible metal-to-metal adhesive that stays in place, even in extreme heat.

  • Trimmable joint and end lap sealing tape
  • Non-staining, permanently flexible
  • Seals around windows, doors, roof vents, and more
  • Roll won’t telescope from heat before installation
  • Keeps even hot metal roofing panels in place—no melting or oozing
  • Made in the USA

Technical Specifications

Chemical Name: Isobutylene
Chemical Family: Butyl Mixture
Health Hazard: 0-Minimal
Flammability Hazard: 0-Minimal
Reactivity Hazard: 0-Minimal
Volatile (WL)%: 0
Solubility in Water: Insoluble
Specific Gravity (H20=1): 1.59-1.64
Evaporation Rate: Not Applicable
Appearance: Soft, pliable gum
Color: Q-126 (off-white to gray), Q126BB (black), Q-126-10 (off-white to gray)
Odor: None

Fire Hazards
Flash Point: >400° F (204° C)
Method: Pensky Marten closed cup
Extinguishing Media: Dry chemical, carbon dioxide, foam, water
Special Fire-Fighting Procedures: Large quantities of water will extinguish. Do not enter confined space without proper protective equipment.

Hazardous Combustion
Products: Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide

Hazardous Identification

  • Based on data available, none of the components in this product are considered hazardous according to OSHA Hazard communication Standard 29CFR 1910,1200.
  • The composition of this mixture is proprietary information. In the event of a medical emergency, compositional information will be provided to a physician or nurse.
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