Use Metal for a Modern Rustic Design

Use Metal for a Modern Rustic Design

How to Acheive Modern Rustic Design With Metal

In the past few years we’ve watched the design esthetic pendulum between the sleek, cool, sharp lines of Modern style and the cozy, comfy, woodsy feeling of Rustic. Most recently, that pendulum has stopped right in the middle. Those cold, modern lines are mixing with warm, earthy materials like natural wood and stone.

DSC_2129_web.jpgThe mix of natural wood and metal is a great example of Modern Rustic.

This style trend, dubbed Modern Rustic or Rustic Industrial, is becoming ever popular in the West where open spaces and the outdoors collide with the ever-growing modern cityscape.

Modern Rustic design focuses on natural materials such as wood, stone, brick and metal. It borrows the sleek, open and tidy esthetic of modern design and marries it with neutral colors, open floor plans and simple lines. To combat the cold, sharp look designers bring in warm, cozy wood and elements of nature like stone and lots of natural light.

There are many ways to incorporate this trend into your home using rustic metal, whether you’re creating a new design or remodeling your space. The goal is to create an open, minimalist space that also feels warm and inviting. Here are a few ways metal panels can achieve the Modern Rustic look.

BS100.jpgThe flat metal panels with large, exposed fastners mixed with large wood beams create a beautiful look.

The kitchen is one of the best places to showcase this style. Use flat metal panels with large exposed fasteners to create long lines. A rusted metal such as Truten™A606 is the perfect way to bring in more rustic elements.

Mix metal, lightly colored walls, and natural wood for rustic modern spaces. 

A fireplace is an essential piece of a Modern Rustic home. Combine sharp smooth lines of metal with the natural texture of stone and wood. These elements balance out the design and create an uncomplicated, cozy vibe.

DSC_0398_2.jpgUse neutral colors and rusted metal to balance out Modern design and Rustic style.

Use corrugated metal as an accent or wainscot paired with wood siding or reclaimed lumber. The corrugated metal brings a modern pop to the traditional rustic wood.

This design scheme is a perfect fit for busy, western lifestyles. The clean lines of the modern look keep homes from feeling small and cluttered, but the cozy, earthy elements are laid back and relaxed. We hope this style sticks around for a long time. For more design ideas, check out our idea book here.

Feb 5th 2016 Katie Smith

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