The Evolution of Corrugated Panels

The Evolution of Corrugated Panels

How Corrugated Metal Panels Have Evolved Over the Years

Over time we have continued to see building design trends evolve. Corrugated metal panels however have been around since the 1820’s! Traditionally found on roofs the affordable and sustainable building material has continued to capture some large audiences and now more than ever are we seeing the varying applications and demand.

The subtle linear corrugated pattern can be found in a multitude of finishes for a versatile look. Maybe you are going for a rustic exterior roofing application to patina or rust over time? Maybe you are in the market for a modern siding option, a durable fencing material, an interior accent wall or island surround? The options are endless with corrugated as it can truly be used throughout your home!

Before I came to work for Bridger Steel I was under the impression that metal was only available in one finish – a silver that would rust. I have found that is not the case by any means! I imagine in the 1820’s they didn’t have a lot to choose from although, today you have the ability to purchase panels with a matte finish, a subtle textureprinted or even bare so you can paint it.

The versatility is endless for corrugated metal panels which makes the demand for this, leading the pack currently in design trends. Behind the scenes we are hearing our customers request this product due to it being light weight, budget friendly, and corrosion-resistant. It caters to our homeowners who need it for a DIY projects, New chicken coops, even architects looking to give a new look to a historic building or create there latest modern design.

Whether you want to make a statement by redoing your kitchen, adding an accent wall in your “Mancave”, or installing a structural fence, corrugated metal is a great multifaceted option that can be used for both exterior or interior design. So, get excited and give us your feedback on how you plan to use corrugated on your next project!!!

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Mar 6th 2018 Katelyn Furtney

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