5 Ways Metal Wainscoting Changes Space

5 Ways Metal Wainscoting Changes Space

5 Ways Corrugated Metal Wainscoting Can Change Your Space

Corrugated metal is often thought of as rusty tin that belongs on a barn or shed roof. While this is where you might see quite a bit of corrugated metal, there are so many more ways to use this material in your home or office. One of the most popular ways is with corrugated metal wainscoting. Here are five of our favorite ways these eye-catching accents can change your space.

Interior Metal Wainscoting

1. Blend Indoor & Outdoor Style

Over the years, typical outdoor style elements have become a staple in residential and commercial interior design. This can include anything from using stone as fireplace accents or weathered barn wood as a wall application. More recently we’ve seen people get creative with corrugated metal wainscoting in bedrooms, kitchen islands, man caves, and bathrooms. Combining the corrugated metal with simple interiors creates the perfect blend of indoor and outdoor style. Corrugated metal wainscoting has led to a style that brings traditional outdoor building materials into the home, and it looks amazing!

2. Create Stunning Visual Interest

Mixing metal with different elements like wood and stone can add visual depth to any space. Interior designers encourage mixing different materials to create a small contrast in otherwise cohesive spaces. A common trend is to mix interior metal wainscoting with wood trim and floors, or accent walls. The warmth of wood combined with the coolness of metal creates a well-balanced space.

There are different colors and finishes of metal wainscoting to choose from, but depending on your desired look or style, there are a few that stand out for their traditional or modern feels. Galvanized metal is often paired with warm wood tones for a classic, traditional feel. Grays and blacks fit more of the modern, industrial design when combined with stark whites or bright colors. Whether you’re looking for modern wainscoting or a more traditional look, adding interior wainscoting to your home created a stunning look.

3. Protect Your Walls

We all know kids, pets, and everyday life can wreak havoc on the walls of your home, office, or shop. From furniture scratching the dry wall to toys bumping into baseboards, your walls can take a beating. Instead of worrying about this damage, many people are adding corrugated metal wainscoting to their interiors in order to make them more durable and withstand the knicks, bumps, and scratches that inevitably occur.

Use metal as a wainscot for shops, garages, and barns to create durable interiors and maximize spaces. The reflective properties of metal will work with industrial lighting or natural sunlight to create bright, open spaces. Metal also has a non-porous surface making it super easy to clean. If you are looking to add a low-maintenance and high-performance material option to the interior of your home, corrugated metal wainscoting is the perfect solution.

4. Create Bigger, Brighter Spaces

Traditionally, homeowners and designers used interior metal wainscot to add texture and dimension — all while creating beautiful accents. Now, an increasingly popular trend is to use metal wainscoting in small spaces to visually enhance a room’s size. When metal wainscoting is run horizontally, it can create the illusion of more space with long, clean lines. When corrugated metal wainscoting is run vertically, it draws the eye upwards, giving rooms a much taller appearance. The visual enhancement of smaller rooms makes metal wainscoting a perfect solution for small bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even bedrooms.

5. Transformation on a Budget

Adding corrugated metal wainscoting is a fun and unique way to dress up any room or garage space when you’re on a budget or have little construction experience. One of the best perks of interior metal wainscot compared to a full wall application is the level of commitment. To start, it’s half the work. Also, if you’re not ready for a major change, metal wainscoting can be the perfect starting point. Whether you’re looking to update the interior of your home or add a statement to the exterior of a building, corrugated metal wainscoting is the perfect choice.

If you’re ready to add metal wainscoting to your home, shop our wainscot panel kits. They’re designed with the DIYer in mind. The kits include everything you need for installation, including trim, panels, bits, and screws. Still not sure how to make metal work inside your home? Check out our blog about using metal on the interior of your home for more inspiration. 

Apr 7th 2020 Kaylee Beattie

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