Metal vs. Traditional Building Materials

Metal vs. Traditional Building Materials

Metal Panels Vs. Traditional Building Materials

I grew up in Northern Idaho on a beautiful lake that has one of the best restaurants to visit because of its impeccable views of the water. You could drive your boat up to their docks in the summer or even enjoy the double-sided fireplace in the winter. One of the things I can remember was the vastness of the building and its domineering ceiling views, alongside its iconic red metal roof. When that summer storm would roll in the thunder and rain was enough to sound proof your family meal. Literally, it was a win for us kids who would get extremely bored of the “Wine Down” dinner our parents and their friends would have us be a part of.

After working at Bridger Steel, I found there are a significant amount of ways the restaurant could have sound proofed their dining area. Something else I’ve learned is that I was not alone in the concern and stigmas “metal roofing” has garnered. Something people don’t take into consideration when they purchase a home, own a home, or are even building their “She Shed” or “Hobby Garage” is the plentiful benefits that Metal Roofing/Siding has to offer vs. the pitfalls traditional building materials, like an asphalt roof, are associated with.

Here in Denver, we live on the cusp of the border to Kansas and most locals have tagged this area as “Hail Damage Ally”. When a hail storm comes through, you will see repairs on Asphalt roofs throughout the year and unfortunately, as luck will have it, most repairs go undone when the following years hail storm rolls through. The reality of the cost of a metal roof vs. an asphalt roof is varying although, we all know that the upfront cost of a metal roof costs more. However, asphalt needs to be regularly maintained and replaced within an average of every 15 years, more if you have major storms. You get no such expenses or headaches with a metal roof and the long-term cost ends up far less.

When installed correctly, a metal roof can last as long, if not longer than the building. It will seal out water, survive high winds and shed snow like a shovel. Metal also resists fire, mildew, insects and rot. Warranties will vary by product, paint, panel variation and gauge although, most contractors and manufactures back their product with factory warranties ranging from 20 to 50 years.

So, if you are in the market for a New Roof for your project or looking into getting new siding, etc. be sure to weigh the options and discuss in depth with a trusted source, the options available and the pros and cons to selecting the right material. If you have a project you plan to move forward with and would like color samples or panel samples be sure to visit for all your sample needs. Or contact one of our many specialists and we would be happy to point you in the right direction for your project. 

Jun 26th 2019 Katelyn Furtney

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