3 Ways to Use Corrugated Metal for Fencing

3 Ways to Use Corrugated Metal for Fencing

How to Use Corrugated Metal For Fencing

Long gone are the days spent replacing vinyl fencing that has cracked from the first hail storm of the year, or even worse, the hot summer days spent painting or staining the wood fence for the third time. We don’t know about you, but we like to spend the warmer months on the lake or next to a river, not repairing the old fence.

In the past couple of months, we have started to see a trend in using corrugated metal panels as fencing. Using metal for fencing helps to eliminate the need for constant repairs or maintenance from Mother Nature or everyday wear and tear. From windbreaks to privacy fencing and decorative fencing to snow breaks, corrugated fencing offers a durable and long-lasting solution to more traditional fencing. We are always excited to see new ways people are using our panels for fencing, so we thought we would share with you! Here are a couple examples of corrugated fencing, but with the versatility of these panels your creativity is often the only limitation. 

Privacy Fencing

From commercial to residential, corrugated privacy fencing is becoming a popular choice for homeowners, architects, and builders. What attracts people to this new fencing style is the versatility and easy maintenance of the corrugated panel. Depending on your design and needs, these panels can be run horizontally with rustic or barn wood posts or for a more modern design, vertically with dark metal posts – do you have an example like the rustic design?. The exterior of your home or office is the first thing people see, so why not add a unique feature that everyone will be talking about. 

Whether you are looking to keep kids and animals in the yard or looking to keep people out, corrugated metal privacy fencing offers durability and longevity that other fencing materials can’t offer. 

Decorative Fencing

Adding a decorative corrugated accents to the landscape of your home or office can be a fun and inexpensive way to update an outdoor space. With a large selection of colors and finishes, corrugated metal can complement just about any design.

You can use corrugated metal in a bright color to frame your patio or in a bare metal next to brightly colored walls to offset the color. We have seen 3-foot fences used to create separation between areas, as well as vertical panels applied to gates to break up the repeated patterns of wood or vinyl fences. For those of you with small critters, running a piece of corrugated along the bottom of the fence may help Spot from escaping again. The possibilities are almost endless with how to use decorative fencing. 

Windbreak and Snow Break

Corrugated panels are a great way to keep your property and livestock protected from harsh weather and high winds. If your focus is preventing snow accumulation and drift, aligning your panels vertically with smaller gaps between panels is going to work best. If you are interested in primarily cutting down wind, choosing a horizontal layout is recommended. With simple installations and easy maintenance, metal fencing is a top choice for wind and snow break fencing.


Corrugated panels are a great way to keep your livestock protected from harsh weather and high winds. These fencing panels are popular for their ability to help ranchers protect their cattle, minimize livestock illness, and even lower feed costs during the winter months. In the warmer months, these livestock fences can be used to create shaded areas for herds.

There are two options for windbreaks: portable and static. Portable windbreaks allow ranchers to adjust their locations based on upcoming weather patterns, while static create a stronger, long-term solution for calving season and structures.

Residential or Commercial

In high wind or heavy snow areas, homeowners and business owner’s find? comfort in wind break and snow break fencing to keep them protected from Mother Nature. These types of fencing provide immediate and long-term solutions to snow accumulation and damage done by high winds.

Windbreaks can reduce wind speeds by over 50% of the incoming wind speed over large areas and over 80% over localized areas. By adding a windbreak to your property, you can help to reduce erosion and the accumulation of dust, spray, and other pollutions that often get transported by wind. 

A main concern with residential or commercial building is the buildup of snow along the exterior of the building. When this melts, the water can enter the building causing expensive and timely repairs. A corrugated snow break can help to eliminate snow accumulation and give you peace of mind. 

From privacy fencing for residential needs to livestock fencing for ranches, steel fencing can provide a combination of durability and style. With over 70 colors and finishes available, as well as four different corrugated profiles, let us help you find the best fit for your needs and design! 

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Mar 6th 2018 Morgan Scott

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