Four Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Four Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day By Bridger Steel

During these unprecedented times, one thing for sure is that we want to keep providing a place of hope and encouragement for the ones we love most. Currently, we believe more than ever there is room for reflection, laughter, and inspiration. Looking forward, we have tailored a thoughtful collection of gifts to help celebrate and highlight the Amazing Mothers in your life.

  • The Artist – Paint Pens

Unfortunately, scratches happen when metal panels are installed or even after installation. There's no reason to live with nicks and scratches, as Bridger Steel has launched our New Paint Pen Series — available exclusively online! They help repair your siding or roofing and restore it back to new. Just open the pen, shake, and glide the paint directly over any imperfections and enjoy the good-as-new finish. The felt tip allows you to control the flow of paint allowing for smooth, even, and accurate application. If the felt tip gets hard, you can simply put the tip in Acetone for up to 10 minutes to help save you time and money. The best part is Free Shipping on us for all paint pens!

Be sure to keep these in mind as her favorite decorative sign, small project or minor scratch might not bother anyone else, but to her it might mean the world to get repaired on her special day!

  • Shop our Paint Pens here:
    • The Project Planner – Color/Panel Samples
  • Have you been talking about building a “She Shed” or maybe updating your roof, or even thinking of a new build? Bridger Steel offers a wide variety of Color and Panel samples for any project you might be thinking about tackling in the future. The great thing about planning that future project and already having the materials you would like to purchase in-hand is that the project will be able to be fast tracked since you will be able to provide the installer, contractor or architect with the samples.

    Bridger Steel also offers Color Packs to help with the selection process! It takes the guesswork out of choosing the right color. We have a Grayscale, Neutral and Textured color Packs so you can be sure you choose the right color or finish.

    • Shop our Samples here:
      • The DIYer – Wainscot Kits
    • Is there a space in the house or outside of the garage that needs a little love or is demanding some more durability? Keeping the DIY’er in mind with our Wainscot Kits, they can really pack some punch to any room and alleviate the headache of doing-it-yourself! Bridger Steel kept their customers in mind when creating these kits, as they come complete with everything you need to complete the project (outside of a person to install them!) including, fasteners, four panels in your choice of either a ¼” or ½” Corrugated Profile, and the trim to finish it off.

      Shop our Wainscot Kits here:

      • The Reader – Online store’s blog

      Whatever the metal project may be, you can reference our blog to help provide inspiration and maybe highlight any questions you may have! From searching for the best contractor for the job or just picking out the best color for the project, you can find our favorites to honor your home on our blog.

      Visit our Blog here:

      If you have any questions, get in touch with a Product Specialist today. Our team can help you find the perfect panel profile, gauge, and color or finish specific to your project’s needs. Wishing you and yours a healthy and happy Mothers Day!

Apr 21st 2020 Katelyn Furtney

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