Color of the Month - Ash Gray Rawhide

Color of the Month - Ash Gray Rawhide

Recently we have been looking at purchasing a New Home within the Denver metro. Everywhere I turn there is gray walls, gray kitchens and baths, gray exterior paint as well as tonal gray accents throughout. Almost every show on HGTV is supporting this color trend and while most woman are looking for the neutral color palette as a blank canvas to decorate, my husband on the other hand is always looking for a more dramatic design, so the grayscale trend needs to have more drama throughout the home for it to appeal to him.

This month we are highlighting Bridger Steels Ash Gray Rawhide, this can be applied to most interior and exterior projects and the metal actually has a texture and a matte finish that impacts and add depth to any project. The gray color trend we continue to see throughout the industry offers versatility and Ash Gray Rawhide can be either edgy and modern or utilized for a more tranquil project.

A lot of the neighborhoods popping up around us are utilizing more and more metal on the exterior of their projects. Its such a sustainable material and the Rawhide Series that Bridger Steel offers a level of dimension. If you truly are in the market but need a bigger assortment of gray metals to choose from you can purchase our Grayscale or Texture Color Packs that come with an assortment of 4x4 color samples. Purchase the Color Pack here.

So, whether you see yourself leaning toward a modern aesthetic or a rustic charm and want to add metal or give the grayscale color trend a whirl on your next project be sure to check out the metal offering available at Bridger Steel. Also, be sure to Let us know some of your favorite projects you have implemented with Gray and what do you would like to see in the future. 

Jun 28th 2019 Katelyn Furtney

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