2019 Bridger Steel Gift Guide - DIYer

2019 Bridger Steel Gift Guide - DIYer

A 2019 Gift Guide for the DIYer

 As the holiday season is quickly approaching, gift-giving may be starting to sneak up on you! Gift-giving is one of the best parts of the season, but it can also sometimes be the most difficult. Some family, friends and loved ones are more difficult to shop for than others. What do you get your niece that just bought a home? Or your spouse who loves weekend projects? Not to mention, your son who is the biggest power-tool collector you know.

That’s why Bridger Steel has compiled the perfect gift guide for the DIY enthusiast, new homeowner and project-lover in your life. Make their holiday wishes come true with any of the products we have available in our online store. The DIYer in your life is sure to love any one of these gifts!

Wainscot Kits

Bridger Steel’s wainscoting kits were made for the DIY enthusiast.  Everything you need to complete your metal wainscoting project, from the panels and trim to the bits and screws. You can choose from ½” or 1⁄4” corrugated metal wainscoting kits, which easily add depth and character to any room you choose to install them in. Our kits come with everything you need to complete your metal wainscoting project, from the panels and trim to the bits and screws and are available in multiple colors and finishes so you can create the perfect look.

Corrugated panels are the most popular choice for your metal projects because of their traditional profiles and ease of installation. The DIYer in your life will love the beauty they can create with these metal wainscoting kits! You can purchase these wainscoting kits here with free ground shipping nationwide:

Paint Pens

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for someone who has a metal roof or siding on their home already, our paint pens are exactly what you’ve been searching for. Our paint pens are used to touch up any scratches or blemishes to metal panels, and are available in a wide variety of different colors. Or if you’re searching for the perfect gift to give a homeowner who has metal panels on the interior or exterior of their home, or anyone with an I’ll-fix-it-myself attitude, is sure to love these! You can purchase our paint pens in a variety of colors here, or talk with a product specialist to find the perfect color:

Accessories and Tools

Bridger Steel has a huge inventory of tools and accessories the DIYer (and tool collector) in your life will love. If you know someone that loves to have every tool available to them, just in case, shop our inventory of tools and accessories. Our drill bits make perfect stocking stuffers, and so does our tape measure.

From ratchet straps to aluminum handled snips, tools are one of the easiest and best gifts to give to the person in your life who loves to tackle projects. Help them grow their collection of tools and be prepared for any new project by purchasing them any of our tools and accessories. You can purchase any of the above mentioned tools and more here:

Make gift giving a breeze this holiday season with Bridger Steel’s gift guide for the DIYer in your life. Project lovers, tool collectors and creative minds are sure to love any of these gifts. Create lasting beauty this holiday season with Bridger Steel.

If you’re looking to inspire your loved one’s this year, check out our downloadable 2019 Color Trends Guide. Homeowners, future homeowners and project enthusiasts will love flipping through the guide and getting inspiration for their next project!

Nov 18th 2019 Kaylee Beattie

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