29ga. BLM Shale 12" Color Sample

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BLM Shale - A natural finish with brown and green tones by Bridger Steel used to blend into landscapes.

Bridger Steel's BLM colors observe the color scheme of the overall landscape. Whether you're in a wooded area with lots of trees or near a grassy plain, this shade of painted metal will work perfectly! With dark brown and green tones, BLM Shale is used in dense shrublands, coniferous or deciduous forest, and mixed shrub woodlands. It creates a stunning look that blends seamlessly into the surrounding environment so its not too overpowering. The neutrality of this metal panel color sample makes it a favorite for metal roofing, siding and more!

The team at Bridger Steel continues to always recommend obtaining a physical sample of our colors. Due to different printing variations and displays settings, the true color of this same can look different than what you see on the screen. This 12" x 12" BLM Shale Metal Panel Color sample will help ensure you are ordering the best color for your project and getting exactly the color you're looking for.

Warranty varies, contact a representative for additional information.
Product ships within 72 hours (business days) of order confirmation
1.00 LBS

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