24 ga. Snowbird 12" Color Sample

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A low gloss, rich brown finish from Bridger Steel.

Bridger Steel's Snowbird 12" Metal Panel Color Sample is a stunning shade a combined gray and brown hue. Snowbird is the ultimate mix of simplicity and richness, creating a beautiful and deep color. Whether you want to use this finish for residential or commercial projects, Snowbird works for metal roofing, siding, or accents. This color was designed to be bold enough to stand out in urban environments while still remaining neutral enough to blend in with rural areas. It's truly the perfect shade of brown!

Bridger Steel always recommends that customers get a physical sample for their desired finish as a variety of different printing and display settings can alter the true color. Making sure to order this 12" X 12" Snowbird Metal Panel color sample can help you be confident that you're getting the exact color you've envisioned for your next metal roofing, metal siding, or metal accent project.

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1.00 LBS
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