2" Structural Mechanical Lock - Panel Sample

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Available in a variety of colors, rustic prints, and specialty finishes, our 2" Structural Mechanical Lock Panel gives you true versatility for your next project.

The 2" Structural Mechanical lock is a commercial grade panel that is mechanically seamed and installed with a hidden floating or fixed clip system. Ideal for low slopes, wide spans and open purlin systems.

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**NOTE: These samples come with "Striations". These lineal bends are purposely added to the panel when ran to make it more rigid and protect from "Oil-canning", which is a moderate deformation or buckling of sheet material, particularly common with flat sheet metal surfaces or waviness in the flat areas of the metal. If you are interested in recieveing a flat panel sample, please contact us and we will be happy to accommodate you. 

Warranties are based on paint systems. Contact a Bridger Steel team member for warranty options.
Typically ships within 24 hours
1.58 LBS
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Maximum Purchase:
4 units
Roof Coverage:
14.75" - 18"
Rib Height:
Panel Length:
3' to 100'+
Roof Slope:
Minimum 1:12 or Greater with Mastic