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Wainscot Kits

Interior Corrugated Wainscot Design

As a mother of two under two, I am always trying to find simple, cost-effective ways to add design elements that will help refresh the look of my home! Wainscoting is a simple way to add a new look without having the commitment of major renovations. Although, as many of us know, wainscoting can often come with a preconceived notion of datedness. But if Chip and Joanna Gaines can take a wainscot and put their modern/farmhouse flare to any project, I along with many, feel inspired.

Traditionally, the pre-manufactured beaded wainscot panels were everywhere growing up! They were in dining rooms, living rooms, powder rooms, the list can go on and on. In fact, my parents own multiple homes and they still have these applications in both. The unfortunate part of this is how outdated they become unless dressed up from the original white or natural wood tones. As design trends continue to evolve, we have seen that the wainscot application continues to have a presence. From interiors to exteriors the half wall modification can really update the look and feel of any space!As previously mentioned, we have seen wainscoting can really establish and anchor a room. There are traditional options varying from no panel, raised panel, flat panel or beaded. There are more modern or industrial applications with unique mill work, metal panels, and framed corrugated panels. The application can be applied to a quarter, half or even the entire wall making a dramatic accent to any space. It’s a feature wall that ultimately anchors the room and impacts conversations for you as well as any guest.

Wainscoting applications lend themselves to any space. Whether it is your entryway, mud room, living room, man cave, kitchen island, or you are using it for more of a practical reason, they sky is the limit. The great thing about a kit is that it takes the guess work out, providing everything you will need to complete the project. Most of the kits on the market are made out of MDF, Medium Dense fiberboard, and include only the additional trim pieces to frame out the panel. What you want to look for is a kit like Bridger Steel offers, which includes everything from the panels, trim, screws, down to the drill and driver bits needed. Having to go get additional supplies after you are home is the worst! Needing to order more items on top of the original order is an added cost and an unforeseen frustration of mine as well.

So, no matter the direction you choose to take your project, make sure you are looking for a simple yet impactful wainscot treatment. And give us your feedback on what applications you tend to gravitate towards!

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May 24th 2019 Katelyn Furtney

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